Company Profile

ROS Nutrition rebrands as Perform!

As of November 2022, Perform is the new brand name of ROS Nutrition Group Ltd. Nothing else has changed, besides the name and the look and feel of the brand. Same great products, same great flavours, same amazing values and same competitive prices! 


Perform provides an expansive range of high-value sports and health nutrition products to consumers. All of our products are developed based on a critical analysis of the most relevant and up-to-date nutritional research. Our headquarters are based in Ireland and we have also corporate sales offices in the United Kingdom.

Mission Statement – our commitment

Perform produces responsible and result-oriented nutritional products that are developed using only the finest quality ingredients. Honesty, transparency and consistency are our priority. We aim to provide a supreme service that supports consumers in pursuit of their individual goals and ambitions. This is not only achieved through outstanding nutritional products, but combined with a dedication to consumer education that will help consumers to choose the most appropriate nutrition practices for their specific needs.

Perform core values

OriginalResponsible: (Formerly the R in ROS Nutrition) Perform selects the ingredients for its products only from reputable manufacturing plants that consistently meet high standards of quality control. Total transparency and good manufacturing practices (cGMP) allow Perform to confidently ensure that only superior quality products are delivered to consumers. No more or no less ingredients than the label states is present in each product. Perform products are batch-tested to ensure that they consistently meet their formulation specifications. Independent lab testing ensures that products are free of any substances on the prohibited list compiled by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). For the complete list, visit


(Formerly the O in ROS Nutrition) At Perform we have a team of dedicated experts who combine and apply scientific nutritional expertise, research and market knowledge, to the distinctive aspects of various sports and health goals. We understand the complex formulation processes behind each of our products and can ensure that the finest methods and raw ingredients are used optimally to provide original and superior products. We aim to promote functional and goal-orientated formulations at favourable prices. This coupled with our unique ability to source exceptional raw ingredients and our desire to provide customers with the most effective nutritional products is what makes Perform a genuinely original nutritional company.


(Formerly the S in ROS Nutrition) Our superiority lies in ensuring only the finest raw materials are used to produce original, safe and effective products. We understand that consistent product quality is vital to customer satisfaction; for this reason strict standard operating procedures are used in the development and manufacturing of each product to ensure reproducibility of results. Even though our product formulation process is both technical and complex, Perform excels by possessing the scientific knowledge and the practical expertise to provide products that are optimally-formulated and genuinely effective.

Our commitment to quality and affordability

Quality and affordabilityHere at Perform, it is our priority to produce only the finest quality products. Our supply network sources only premium quality raw ingredients that contribute to the exceptional results and standards that we aim to exceed. We appoint cGMP (Current good manufacturing practices) manufacturers who carry out strict quality control measures and support us in our commitment to excellence. Our profound knowledge allows us to continuously develop and improve products so that we can consistently provide new and improved quality products to all of our customers and all of their needs.

In addition to adhering to the highest quality standards, Perform products are reliable, competitive and affordable. Furthermore, we have on- going promotions on our website that will save you even more and deliver you further value for your money. Check out the promotions for daily promotions on various products. Earn loyalty points for every purchase that you make with Perform, recommend us to a friend to earn referral points and save more on your next purchase.

Setting high standards and moving forward

Perform has established international collaborations with leading nutrition product manufacturers, experts and scientists to bring the highest level of knowledge, technology, and skills to its products. Perform strives to provide superior products of the highest calibre and a flawless service for all of our customers. Perform realises that a huge amount of work and dedication is required to sustain consistent high standards in an ever-changing environment. Continuous improvement in all facets of the business, particularly product development and innovation are areas to which Perform remains committed. No resource is spared to ensure that Perform remains at the forefront of sports and health nutrition.


The vision of Perform is to become a recognised leader in the market of sports and health nutrition in Europe and internationally. Perform aims to do this by catering for a large consumer market with a wide range of original, high quality products. We are confident that the values and structures described above are in place to cater for a wide range of individual nutritional needs and personal goals, ensuring that Perform will excel as a highly credible and successful company.